Who wants Ant & Dec at their wedding?!

So there I was on Tuesday night, casually working in my fluffy slippers and enjoying a cup of tea (because obviously after last weekend’s excesses I am never drinking again!) when I saw a casting call from Ant & Dec’s ‘Saturday Night Takeaway’ on ITV seeking couples who are getting married in 2016 for the show.

‘Brilliant’ I thought, I know a few brides-to-be who might be up for that and I popped it on my business Facebook page without thinking much more of it.

Half an hour or so later, I saw a few people had tagged their friends, and thought that was pretty cool. I went to bed without giving it much more thought.. until I woke yesterday morning to see that it was starting to spread across the country with more and more people tagging and sharing.

An average post for me on my Facebook page will see a reach of 500-1000 (how many news feeds it appears in) so as my Ant & Dec post started to creep up into the 10’s of thousands, and then into the hundred’s of thousands, I started to take notice. It was also very difficult not to as everytime someone commented on the post (or replied to that comment) my phone buzzed and a little red notification flashed up on Facebook.

By mid afternoon on Wednesday I was starting to wonder if the post could hit the 1 million views mark, I met up with some good wedding supplier friends last night for a festive drink (spoiler alert, the no drinking lasted 4 days) and we were all huddled around the phone as the ‘reach’ went into the 700’000s. I felt awash with excitement, anticipation and fear, after all, all I did was upload a picture of a flyer and as a result I had picked up over 200 new likes on my FB page and had 4 wedding enquiries in the space of a few hours.

By the time I got to bed last night we were nearing 900’000 and I then started thinking the million mark wasn’t so unobtainable, and low and behold by the time the 7:00 alarm went off this morning, my little post had popped up in over 1,100,000 people’s news feeds. How is this exciting for me? Well, although the post wasn’t one of my photos or pieces of work, my brand name was on the post and as a small local business, when would I ever have the opportunity to directly put my name in front of that many people?

As the day has gone on today I have felt a mixture of emotions, one part of me thinks ‘It’s only a Facebook post, no big deal’ the other part is literally skipping around, whooping for joy at the opportunity to get my beloved brand out there to a wider audience, all completely organically.

I’m not sure what it is about Ant & Dec that has got everyone whipped up into such an excitement, actually that’s a lie – I once queued for a few hours to meet them at the Virgin Megastore in Brighton (20 years ago!) and so I ‘get it’ as much as everyone else, they are awesome! But clearly they are the most desirable wedding guests around. I’m excited to see who gets through to the show, and secretly hope it’s someone who saw the post via Candy Floss & Bow Ties Photography. After all, who doesn’t love a good wedding?

– If you’re looking for a lifestyle-documentary style wedding photographer for your special day, I would be thrilled to help. I focus on telling the story of your special day, capturing the moments that really count. If you would like to see some sample galleries, please email lucy@candyflossandbowties.com or call 07843 092735. Why not come and join the fun over at Facebook too?!

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