What to wear for your pre-wedding photoshoot

Do you need to know what to wear for your pre-wedding photoshoot? Here at Candy Floss & Bow Ties Photography, we always include a pre-wedding (or engagement) photoshoot with our full wedding package. Why do we do that? Well, there are a few reasons… firstly it gives us the chance to get to know each other a little better before the big day and an opportunity to run through a few of the (beautifully natural) poses that we’ll be capturing so you know what to expect. It also enables our couples to relax and get used to the camera (and us behind it!) so on the day, we’ll just fit right in and everyone will feel much more comfortable. Lastly, it gives our couples some gorgeous photos which can be used with invites, a wedding website, part of a guest book, in a signing frame or as a decorative element at the reception, knowing (and looking like!) that they have been professionally taken.

One of the first questions I get from every couple is ‘what should we wear?’ so I thought I’d address that in a blog post. These are of course MY thoughts based on my experience, so use it as a guide rather than rules, as every couple and photographer is different.

What to wear:

– Something you feel comfortable in! I ALWAYS encourage my clients to dress for comfort. There’s nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable as that translates directly into photos. If you’re a jeans & tee kind of a couple, wear jeans and tee’s, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that (maybe draw the line at PJs though!).

– Compliment each other. I’m not saying you have to dress matchy matchy (by any means!) but do look at what you’re planning to wear and try and find colours that compliment rather than clash.

– Think about the end product, if the pictures are just for you to practice with, your choice of clothing might be different than if you’re choosing a photo to use in a signing frame or guest book. If the end pictures have a ‘purpose’ you might want to go a little more dressy than not.

– Dress for your location. If you are having your shoot on the beach or in a park or forest, think about your footwear and any outfits you have that may suit. For example, jeans and boots might be great for the woods, where as a summer dress and flip flops would be great for the beach.

– Dress for the weather. Similar to your location, think about the time of year your shoot is happening, flip flops are great for a hot summer’s day but jeans and boots might be uncomfortable in 30’c heat!

What not to wear:

– Avoid loud patterns, crazy colours and anything that clashes with your partner’s choice

– Avoid any logos or slogans that will be outdated in a few years time

– Likewise, try and avoid and particular ‘fashion statements’ that might have you thinking ‘what was I WEARING’ in years to come! Plain & simple is always a good option!

Top Tips:

– If you’re having a hair or make up artist on your day and are planning a trial, the pre-wedding shoot is a great opportunity to have a try out. Not only will you get a feel for how your hair and make-up will look in your wedding photos but it’ll make you feel lovely to, and feeling lovely = gorgeous photos!

– If you’re doing your own hair & make-up, go for a style you’re familiar with – some people feel encouraged to go for something ‘different’ as it’s a special occasion but there’s nothing worse than looking back at pictures and feeling unhappy with how you looked!

– If you wear make-up, go a little heavier than usual, nothing that would make you feel too different, but enough to ensure it shows in-camera.

– Consider an outfit change. Depending on where you’re having your shoot (and if you’re so inclined) you could bring a change of clothes, perhaps start off more dressy and change into something more relaxed for the later shots.

Here’s a few of our recent pre-wedding pictures to give you an idea of what some of our lovely couples chose to wear!

What to wear for your pre-wedding photoshoot

Couples-Photoshoot-Shoreham-Sussex-Candy Floss & Bow Ties Photography-31

What to wear for your pre-wedding photoshoot

What to wear for your pre-wedding photoshoot

What to wear for your pre-wedding photoshoot

What to wear for your pre-wedding photoshoot

Worthing Engagement Photoshoot

Engagement Photoshoot Sussex
Pre-Wedding Shoot Wakehurst Place

Pre-Wedding Shoot Wakehurst Place

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